Our history

The Sandrin Winery was born in 2009, even if the story of this wine producer started sixty years before when Alessandro Stramare, also known as "Sandrin", started his activity of tenant farmer in the fields setted on top of Valdobbiadene, today owned by his family.

In 1971 Alessandro bought the whole hill of 8 hectares and, with the support of his wife and children, he started the selling of the first products. The growth of the company has continued with the production of sparkling wines following the “Martinotti” method.

In 2009 the Azienda Agricola Sandrin was assigned to Antonella’s family. Their purpose is to cultivate with passion an ancient art handed down from father to son, in order to bring back the products that wrote the history of Prosecco in the past years.


The vineyards

Today the vineyards of the Sandrin wine producing company total 5 hectares,
located in the hills of Valdobbiadene, the most prestigious area of the appellation.
The vineyards are completely sun-exposed.


Once matured, the grapes are collected in plastic boxes or "bins" (plastic alimentary containers that can contain up to 250 kg of raw material) in order to keep all the features intact in the passage from the countryside to the pressing room in the basement. The choice of the ideal container is due to the intended use: for the Valdobbiadene Spumante and Prima Vendemmia we use the 20 kg box, for all other wines we use the bins. Here the grapes are gently pressed to remove the juice of grapes (grape must "most) but we carefully do not remove from the skins and the seeds any tannins or dyes.
The juice looks turbid, rich in protein and dyes. For this reason, before it ferments we make a static decanting at 12 ° C or a flotation with the help of pectinolytic enzymes or "emicellulasici" (we use them to brake the grape's proteins), in order to release all potential fragrances and flavors contained in the grapes.
The clear must obtained is ready for fermentation. This occurs with selected yeasts and lasts at least ten days, after which the new wine is racked several times in order to remove the coarse parts that could give the wine unpleasant tastes and flavors. The new wine is left to rest at this point for 2-3 months before being filtered and sent to the second fermentation that we call "presa di spuma". The winemaker of the winery decides, at this time, to make "the cut", which is nothing more than tasting of the various tanks and the choice to mix together the contend to make wines more balanced, always keeping in mind the type of harvest's collection. After filtration, the wine is sent in autoclaves, insulated steel tanks, where we proceed with a secondary fermentation of our sparkling wines.
Based on the type of product the duration of fermentation can vary from 30 to 60 days.
The product obtained is then filtered, bottled and labeled. It is foresight of the company to let it rest at least a month in storage at controlled temperature of 12-14 ° C before launching it on the market.